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What is craft brewing about?

It is all about the passion for good beer.

Craft Brewing is a trend that started with a new generation of micro-breweries about 10 years ago. A craft brewery is not about quantity, but quality and respect for the product. Traditional and by the rules of the art ways of producing are being focused on. 

That is exactly what we do at Brasserie Simon. As a small still family-owned company we practice the old-fashioned way of brewing in combination with local ingrédients. A touch of magic and creativity make our beers an adventure for all beer lovers.

The brewers at Brasserie Simon have a pioneering spirit for combining special aromas, like vanilla criander or ginger, with a beer. They are still full of ideas for new creations, and still, they remember very well how to brew a traditional pils.


Where do we produce?

Stay local Stay local

As a small local actor,  we want to support as much as possible a circular economy. Knowing where your products come from is  an important issue for craft brewers and is one of the main différences with industrial breweries.


The brewery was founded in Wiltz in 1824,.We still produce our Simon beers in these holy hallways, where the founder and one of the ancestors of the actual owner brewed the first Simon beer.

In 2006 we took over the micro-brewery in Heinerscheid with its Ourdaller beers and added to this production site the production of the Okult beers (100% organic). This site can be consiered as the "kitchen" where we can easily try new recipes and creations.


3 BRANDS - many different tastes


Brewed on tradition

A beer with a history

The Simon beers are the oldest beers in our portfolio. Based on tradition we take our time to finish these classic beers. They can take up to 12 weeks to before they ared

From a classic Lager like the Simon Pils, through special beers like Simon Dinkel (spelt beer) and Simon IPA, to an all organic beer (Simon Bio) there is at least one to please your indivdual taste.

The Simon Beers

Simon pils

Being Brasserie Simon's flagship, this beer is still brewed on the original recipe.  The Simon Pils is part of the lager (Pils) beer family and has light bitter, but fresh taste.

Simon Regal

First brewed in the sweet 60's, the Simon Regal is a luxury lager. With its golden color, the smooth but intensiv taste, this high-class beer is the perfect alternative to the classic Lager (Pils).

Simon Dinkel

1998 we created a complete new beer taste. Until that year the country hadn't experienced the less bitter, light and fresh taste of a real spelt beer. With 70% of malt and 30% of spelt, this unfiltered special beer is a light alternativ to the classics, even for the ladies.   

simon bio

Based on the recipe of a classic lager, the Simon Bio is an all organic  and unfiltered beer. As the demand on organic products is growing, Brasserie Simon created the first luxemburgish beer of this kind, which comes with a fresh and smooth taste.

Simon noël

Launched in the flower power years, the 70's, it is only available for Christmas time. This dark specialty is part of the "Doppelbock" beer family and needs 12 weeks of maturation. The dark color already announces the light caramelised flavour for getting in mood for Christmas.

simon ipa

An orange Color, five different aromatic hops are giving this hipster beer its typical India Pale Ale taste. The dry hopping, a special step in the production, where hops are added during the maturation period, takes this beer to a whole new level. The pronounced bitterness is the perfect fellow for the lovers of a classic english beer.


The grainy ones

This must love

The history of the Ourdaller beers started in 2000 in micro-brewery at Cornelyshaff in Heinerscheid. They had a simple formula for their success, witch is cooporation between the brewery and local farmers.

In 2006 the Simon brewery has taken over this micro-brewery, without changing any recipe, but by setting the production focus for this location on grainy beers. With this idea in mind, we use different grains for our Ourdaller beers, like the Wëllen Ourdaller is based on buckwheat and the Wäissen Ourdaller on wheat. 

Fans of strong beers will love these beers!



Wëllen ourdaller

As the Ourdaller beers are called grainy beers, the Wëllen Ourdaller is one of special kind and is made with buckwheat. The unfiltered and amber  specialty from Heinerscheid is a strong beer and will pleasure to the fans of beers with character.



Our latest creation is made with 40% rye (non-malted) from a Luxembourgish organic farmer, and malted barley. It reminds you the smell and the taste of freshly baked bread. With 5 % alcohol, this amber beer has a very

balanced savour.

Wäissen ourdaller

The role model for this tasty beer, are the german "Weizenbiers" (wheat beers). Brewed with wheat an unfiltered it has a dryer taste than the other beers, but it is full-bodied and refreshing.


pioneering Beers

Pimp your beer

Launched in 2001 in Redange/Attert, this pioneering beers have been taken over by Brasserie Simon in 2005. At Okult beers do something, not many people do at their beers, we combine with extraordinary and strange ingredients, such as vanilla or ginger.

Creating new, unusual flavours is the new trend that has swapped to us from the U.S.. Pimping beers is not anymore an experiment, it is the idea of creating new things to make people aware of non-mainstream products. 

These beers are not only pimped hipster drinks, but are all manufactured biologically.


the okult beers

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okult blanche

The very fresh and light taste of this typical blanche beer comes from a high fermentation in combination with orange peels and coriander. This unfiltered biological beer has been brewed at its beginnings in Redange/Attert and was taken over by Brasserie Simon in 2007.

okult vanilla stout

Discover the dark side of Okult! For the 10th birthday of the Okult beers at Brasserie Simon, we relaunched this classic brewed stout based on different cereals in 2017. The very dark, nearly black color, already gives a hint on the cold coffee flavour, which has been soften by light bourbon vanilla flavour. 

okult ginger rousse

This typical red ale is spiced up with a hint of ginger and lemon peel which makes this creation extremely refreshing for warm summer nights. Aromatic hops don't make it bitter, but even softer and so it is also a drink for the ladies.

Brasserie Simon

14 rue Joseph Simon / L-9550 WILTZ / Luxembourg

Adresse postale: Brasserie Simon / B.P.22 / L-9501 Wiltz

Tel: +352 95 80 15-1 / Fax: +352 95 90 85